Over 300 volunteers make After Prom

happen each year.

How can you help?

Join the board.  

The board is a core team of about 8-10 parents that work to coordinate the event through out the year.  Due to the pandemic, we have had a 2 year break from hosting our regular event. We have some board members who have graduated out and we need some new parents to step in to continue the tradition.

Specifically we need a Marketing coordinator, Prize coordinator, Donation coordinator and Admin Liaison. Other roles on the board will need sidekicks to transition into roles of Treasurer, Entertainment Coordinator, Ticket Sales/Check In Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator.

If you are interested in joining the board, send an email to millardnorthafterpromvolunteers@hotmail.com

We are preparing for the 2022 event!! Sign up HERE to help or sign up to donate food HERE.

Help decorate the building!  We need decorators for 2022. Most areas have been started but some areas need new leads.  We try to make most decorations the months leading up to the event.  If you can help cut, paste, draw, paint, or build…we want you!  Our head decorators have the plans, and they need many hands to make it happen.

Volunteer for a committee.  We have committees that cover security, serving the food, ticket sales, check-in, gym activities, entertainment, prizes, casino and much more!!  How can you help?  Many of these need some work done prior to the event, some are just the night of the event, and some are both.

Sign up to donate.  We need lots of donations of food, gift cards and cold hard cash. You can send us cash at paypal.me/mnafterprom or send checks made out to Millard North After Prom to the office labeled After Prom.

The 2022 sign up for food is HERE.